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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Teddi Mellencamp First To Be Evicted

Despite her best efforts, the Real Housewife was sent packing on Friday night.

(Fwrd Axis) — After 10 days in the Big Brother house, one celebrity was sent packing on Friday night’s Celebrity Big Brother and the Gala Box twist shocked the housemates.

Friday’s episode kicked off following Miesha’s nominations of Mirai and Carson. The target for Miesha this week is Mirai but Todrick said in the Diary Room that he wants to leave Carson’s Formation Alliance and just work with Miesha moving forward. In the gym, Teddi and Carson know someone from their alliance is leaking information and Teddi correctly says it is Todrick but Carson refuses to believe it.

It was time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Todrick, Lamar, Cynthia joined Carson, Mirai, and Miesha in playing in the first PoV competition of the season. Miesha and Todrick spoke and the UFC fighter said she’d put up Chris Kirkpatrick if the veto is used.

For the competition, the celebs had to memorize and correctly place seven-time cards at the correct stores in the fastest time. Carson raced out of the gate and started strong and got all seven correct on the first try. Sadly Cynthia, LaMar, Todrick, and Mirai all struggled with it. In the end, Carson won with a time of 3:52 and earned safety. 

Shanna became paranoid about Carson winning the PoV, knowing Miesha has to put up a replacement nominee once he comes off the block. Desperate to stay in the game, Shanna spilled everything to Miesha about the Formation Alliance, including everyone who is in it. With Miesha confused about who to put up, Todrick got into her head and managed to convince her to put Teddi up to weaken Carson.

Meisha agreed with Todrick and pulled Teddi into the HOH room to break the news. She told Teddi that “things have changed” and she has information that the Real Housewife is now on the other side of the house, leaving Teddi in tears about the possibility of her going home first. 

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At the veto meeting, Carson pulled himself off the block and Miesha put Teddi up in her place. Julie revealed the power of Mon Won meant someone will be a third nominee and replace either Mirai or Teddi. The hat would be passed around again and whoever has it last is automatically on the block for eviction. As the hat passed, Todd would get the hat last and be on the block. He chose to save Mirai, meaning he and Teddi remained up for eviction.

As the celebrities voted, Teddi was evicted on a 5-3 vote with only Cynthia, Chris Kattan, and Carson voting to keep the Real Housewife in the game. Following her eviction, she spoke to Julie about her time in the house.

“I feel most betrayed by Todrick,” Mellencamp said. “I thought he was on my side but went to work with the other side of the house.”

Now 10 celebrities remain in the battle for the $250,000 grand prize.

Celebrity Big Brother continues Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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