Hurricane Ida Storms Its Way Through New Orleans

Devastation ensued as New Orleans, Louisiana was caught in its most “catastrophic” storm on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Last Sunday, residents woke up to chaos as a category 4 Hurricane Ida ripped through Port Fourchon, and made its way through the entire state.

Hurricane Ida, with its 150mph winds and Biblical downpours, is the most powerful ever to hit Louisiana. Yes, that’s right – it’s even stronger than Hurricane Katrina, which tragically claimed the lives of 1,800 people.

Search and Rescue Missions

Crews rushed to save hundreds by helicopters, boats, and high-water trucks as they conducted countless search and rescue missions. One million homes and businesses experienced power outages and fuel shortages while thousands were trapped in the floods awaiting rescue.

The luckier ones hunkered down in their attics or climbed up onto their roofs, posting their location and instructions on social media for search-and-rescue teams to find them.

According to reports two people have died, and the governor’s office announced that more than 2,200 evacuees are staying in 41 shelters.

State Officials Urge Evacuees To Delay Return

State officials, including Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans and Cynthia Lee Sheng, the Jefferson Parish president, urged residents who evacuated their homes to delay their return until it was safe to do so.

“This is not the community that you left,” Ms. Lee Sheng said during a news conference. “I know you’re anxious to check your homes, but we are asking that everybody not come home yet. We cannot provide you the modern amenities that you’re used to.”

Health officials reported that 18 water systems lost service, leaving 255,000 customers without water. In Jefferson Parish for example, repairs need to be made to water lines, sewer systems and electrical grids, Ms. Lee Sheng said.

Four hospitals were also damaged by Hurricane Ida, with 39 medical facilities forced to operate on generator power.

Thankfully, the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm yesterday afternoon, although it continued making its way inland with torrential rain.

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