“I’m not the candidate of one camp anymore, but the president of all of us,” he said.

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With the win, Macron became the first president since Jacques Chirac to secure a second term in office. Now, he will face the uphill changes of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine. He also faces a tough election in June to keep his parliamentary majority.

European leaders from Brussels to London feared a win by Le Pen. However, the results of the election show France has changed politically. Le Pen is sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin and skeptical of both NATO and the European Union, something many French people embraced.

France is a member of NATO, the EU, and the G7. It has a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council and is a nuclear power — all of which Le Pen disagreed with.

Polls showed a majority of the people were not happy with Macron or Le Pen, leading to turnout being five points lower than the last election. In the end, Macron won a clear victory, despite poor polling numbers at just 36 percent approval.