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Tom Brady Retires From The NFL After 22 Seasons

Brady leaves the league with six Super Bowl rings, six with the New England Patriots, and one with the Buccaneers.

(Fwrd Axis) — January 29th, A day football fans will never forget. The NFL confirmed on Saturday that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is retiring after 22 seasons.

For Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, L.A. Rams, and San Francisco 49ers fans it was the eve of their championship matches. For the rest of the league’s fanbases it would be the day that we all heard that Brady retired from the league.

Reported by multiple sources, it was made official that Brady would be retiring from the league.

Brady leaves the league with six Super Bowl rings, six with the New England Patriots, and one with the Buccaneers. The 43-year-old finishes with multiple records, Most Career QB Wins, Most Career Passing Touchdowns (624). Earlier in the 2021 season, he became the oldest quarterback at 44-years-old to go over the 5,000-yard mark in a season.

Brady is the only player to win Super Bowl MVP five times and win the league MVP award three times. The announcement comes just a week after Brady’s Buccaneers fell to the Los Angeles Rams 30-27 on a game-winning field goal from Matt Gay as time expired.

Brady rallied his team from a 27-3 deficit in the second half to tie the game with less than two minutes remaining. As the game ended, the media began to speculate if Brady would give it another go at age 44 for the 2022 season or bow out.

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Brady played 20 of his 22 seasons for the Patriots, playing in nine Super Bowls and winning six, in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, and 2019. After leaving New England, he took his talents to Tampa and led the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in his first season, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9.

The legendary quarterback won the MVP award. He followed that up by putting up stellar stats in the 2021 season, posting a league-high 43 touchdowns and 5,316 passing yards.

The news of Brady’s retirement comes less than 24 hours after Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger announced he was walking away from the game after 18 seasons.

As Brady bows out of the league it is no question that many will regard him as the “GOAT” or Greatest Of All Time and rightfully so. Over the course of his 22 seasons if you were a fan of an opposing team you would dread when either the Bucs or Patriots would appear on the schedule.

In fact many, including yourself, can probably recall times when the phrase “I don’t even care if we win, I just want us to hit Brady”. That was probably due to the fact not many could get to Brady and seeing him sacked was a consolation, because the score was usually in favor of his team’s jersey. As his career ends this writer actually poses a question to you and be honest, Are you now more excited for next season, the first without the famed “greatest of all time” won’t be terrorizing the team you’re cheering for?

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Brady leaves the game after winning six Super Bowl championships with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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