‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: A Betrayal Results In One Massive Eviction

Monday saw a house vote cause a major divide and a betrayal resulting in one big eviction. 

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia returned for its third week on Monday with a house vote for Head of House causing a major divide and a betrayal resulting in one big eviction. 

The episode kicks off following Lara’s eviction with Tully being woken up to Drew and Sam kissing, making things awkward for her since she dated Drew back in their season in 2013. 

For the house task, Big Brother set a secret mission for Drew and Gabby to pop balloons in a task similar to the one fans saw last year. In the end, the group was successful in their mission and earned the house KFC. 

Speaking of Drew, he approached Joel with a pact to have Joel vote out Sam while Drew can vote out Aleisha. However, as no surprise, Joel’s part in the alliance was fake and he quickly informed Aleisha of the conversation, setting up a possible truce between the boys.

After a KFC feast, talk turned to the Head of House vote. Alesha wants to be up and so does Dave. When it came down to it, Drew turned his back on the OGs and voted for Alesha to be Head of House, keeping her safe from eviction for the week and giving her power to change nominations.

For the nominations challenge, the housemates had to hold up doors to prevent a box of balls from falling over. The last housemate to do so would win and be safe from eviction. It would come down to a battle between Joel and Estelle but the OG would use Reggie as the so-called inspiration, winning the challenge for the OG housemates.

Estelle earned the power to nominate, putting up the remaining members of the J-Squad: Johnson, Joel, and Jaycee. The boys got to work with campaigning and pitched why they should stay in the game. 

Host Sonia Kruger returned to get the eviction proceedings started and after everyone voted, Joel would be sent packing on a 9-5 vote, resulting in the newbies losing another number.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday through Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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