‘Big Brother’ Recap: Sarah Beth’s HOH Causes Worries For The Cookout

Will Sarah Beth target the cookout this week?

Big Brother continued on Sunday night with Sarah Beth’s nominations but the BB High Rollers Room put a spanner in the works for her week ahead as Head of Household.

The episode kicked off following Sarah Beth’s HOH win. She is riding high as is her ally, Kyland. However, Ky’s true loyalty belongs to the Cookout alliance. With the Chopping Block Roulette power looming, Kyland did his best to steer SB away from any Cookout members being nominated. So he shifted her target to Derek X and Claire. 

Meanwhile, Tiffany and Derek F did not seem to squash their beef from a week ago. Tiffany still feels disrespected for the way Derek F came at her for wanting to talk to Britini in private. In the Diary Room, Tiffany said she is done with Derek F but will still honor him as a member of the Cookout.

At the nomination ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Claire and Derek F as originally planned. However, the Chopping Block Roulette power could put a spin on those nominations with Derek X being the true target. 

It was then time for the BB High Rollers Room to open. No one decided to play this week apart from Alyssa, giving her the win by default. As a result, she won safety for herself and one other houseguest. She chose to save Derek F from the block but a spin of the roulette wheel would seal Xavier’s fate as the replacement for Claire, leaving Alyssa in tears since Xavier is one of her closest allies in the game.

This leaves Sarah Beth thrilled since she wanted Xavier up to begin with and she did not have to get any blood on her hands. Meanwhile, Xavier still feels safe despite being on the block since the cookout has his back. 

Will the Power of Veto save Xavier or Claire from eviction? Find out when Big Brother continues on Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS and streams on Paramount+. 

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