‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ Recap: Things Get Explosive In The Boardroom

(Fwrd Axis) — Celebrity Apprentice Australia continued on Tuesday night with the celebrities taking part in a tasty guerrilla marketing task, leading to an explosive boardroom with one more famous face leaving the process.

The episode begins following Carla’s firing. For the next task, the celebs would take part in a guerrilla marketing task and it is pretty obvious the celebrities had no idea what guerrilla marketing even is.

“Guerrilla marketing is unconventional, in-your-face, bold techniques to attract a lot of attention to consumers,” Lord Sugar explains.

The boss isn’t done there as he decides to shake the teams up, moving Darren McMullen and Bronte Campbell over to Team Collaborate with Ronnie Caceres and Beck Zemek. Meanwhile, Amy Shark, Jean Kittson, Benji Marshall, and Turia Pitt make up Team Innovate.

Bronte and Turia are the Project Managers for their respective teams for the task. Darren comes up with an idea to crash a TODAY show interview while the other team will do their live shot.

“I expected that from Ronnie but I didn’t expect that from Darren,” Benji said.

Team Collaborate had a Subway footlong eating competition at Pitt Street Mall but no celebrities other than Carla from Bankstown showed up. However, Beck showed up late with the sandwiches, the most important part of the task.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar declares Team Innovate the winners of the task, and Project Manager Turia wins $20,000 for her charity which she will split with Bronte. Now onto finding out which celeb will go, which leads to a big blow-up between Darren and Ronnie.

“This is why people in this competition don’t get on with you,” Darren tells Ronnie. “Every single person in this show thinks you two are snide and snaky.”

Lord Sugar points out that Bronte has lost seven challenges and Ronnie has made “too many excuses”. He then decided Beck was the one at fault.

“Beck you came back from redemption. Since you came back you did up your game here but it’s clear to me you were weak in this task,” Lord Sugar declares.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia continues Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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