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Eurovision 2022 Preview: Songs Safely Into The Final

These songs should have no worries about making the final.

(Fwrd Axis) — After introducing our readers to the Eurovision Song Contest in general, it’s time to look at the 2022 edition of the contest. The songs competing this year all have different chances, and the oddsmakers have put them in various categories. In this series, we see each category.

These songs should have no worries about making the final. The oddsmakers think they’ll easily make it in, but that might be the best they can hope for.

There are still some divisive songs here. San Marino’s Stripper has drawn some criticism. Still, Achille Lauro is an inspiration for last year’s winners Maneskin. He is very popular in Italy, leading to an energetic performance.

Cyprus has gone a different road after some diminishing returns from sending high-energy pop bangers after coming second in 2018. The oddsmakers have been divided on if that’s a good decision leading to a safe final place but not much more.

There are highly emotional songs from Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Portugal, and Switzerland. All five songs are authentic to who they are, but whether those hit with the audiences for a high finish is questionable.

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While this category is about songs that should have a safe finish, some songs have taken a risk. Serbia has come with an odd song with the opening line “what’s the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair” and dramatic staging; it’s a risky move that might not land with some.

Norway has taken a risk with the novelty song Give That Wolf a Banana which has fans very excited, pushing it ahead of other novelty songs. Greece may be taking the most risk in this set. A song titled Die Together during the COVID-19 pandemic is risky, as is opening the song almost acapella. Still, it’s a risk that might pay off.

There are oddly two songs with heavily religious undertones in this set. Finland is sending Jezebel a song full of Biblical references. At the same time, France has chosen Fulenn with a pagan base and sung in Breton instead of French.

As should be expected with this set of songs, some songs are very well executed and should have no qualifying issues. The Netherlands has gone to the well that brought them success in 2019, sending a well-sung ballad in De Diepte. Poland has sent the crooner Ochman with his power-ballad River.

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Chris has been following Eurovision since 2005 and attended the contest in Lisbon in 2018. He has been a journalist since 2010, covering sport and entertainment.

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