Supreme Court Rejects GOP Efforts To Overturn Biden’s Pennsylvania Win

The move makes Trump’s chances of overturning the election results in key battleground states even slimmer.

The Supreme Court quickly shot down an effort by Republicans to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and give the win to President Donald Trump, it was announced late Tuesday afternoon.

 U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican, argued that the state’s mail-in ballots were unlawful. The same argument Mr. Trump has made ever since he was behind on Election Night and officially lost on November 7.

The rejection was done with no notes or reasoning.

“The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice [Samuel] Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied,” the decision read.

The move makes Mr. Trump’s chances of overturning the election results in key battleground states even slimmer as this was one of his final remaining chances. Despite some far-fetched legal cases remaining, those are also expected to go nowhere.

Mr. Trump has refused to concede to Biden despite the former vice president being projected to win 306 votes in the Electoral College. The President has repeatedly said the Supreme Court would intervene and decide the election, although Tuesday’s ruling has put a massive damper on that theory.

“Hopefully somebody has the courage, whether it’s a legislator or legislatures, or whether it’s a justice of the Supreme Court or a number of justices of the Supreme Court to do what everybody in this country knows is right,” Trump said at an event on Tuesday prior to the ruling being announced.

Meanwhile in Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on behalf of the state declaring that the results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan should be overturned from a Biden win and given to Trump.

Many expert lawmakers expect the case to not even reach the Supreme Court as the highest court in the land looks like they will not be getting involved to aid Mr. Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud.

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