‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: Fight For Power And A New Romance

The most epic BB love story adds another complicated chapter.

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia concluded its first week Thursday night with the first-ever safety competition, an eviction, and a new budding romance.

The episode kicks off the morning following house nominations. Dave is teasing Sam about her feelings for Drew while Big Brother sets a house task for the housemates to vent their feelings to a venting machine to win special rewards.

The next day, the housemates were preparing for the second-chance challenge. Tim is nervous after Alesha asks him if he voted for Joel. He spoke to Big Brother, saying Drew needs to win the challenge or he may go home. Meanwhile, Layla and Mel are not confident going up against the heartthrob. 

For the second-chance challenge, the three nominated housemates had to build a stack tower of discs high enough to climb to take a leap of faith to grab their colored flag. Drew raced outlki to an early lead but fell as he attempted to grab his flag. He and Layla were neck-and-neck but Drew fell and his tower came tumbling down, opening the door for Layla. She calmly jumped to grab her flag, saving herself from eviction and winning the challenge.

Following Layla’s win, the housemates scrambled to make a decision. Joel’s side of the house wants to send Drew home but everyone is grabbing Gabbie and Lulu to sway their decision. Tim and Reggie remind Lulu they saved her in the first eviction and threaten that if she doesn’t save Drew, the OGs will come after her next.

Host Sonia Kruger returns to get the eviction proceedings started. Both Gabbie and Layla told Sonia they were undecided and would be trusting their gut. When all the votes were cast, Sonia revealed Mel had been evicted on a 8-7 vote. 

“Tim is a very dangerous player,” Mel says as she exits the house.

Big Brother Australia continues next week with Tully Smyth returning to the house as the love triangle adds another chapter to its saga.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30 on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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