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‘Big Brother Australia’ Recap: Tim’s Jealousy Causes Havoc

“Operation Vengence” is underway in the ‘Big Brother Australia’ house but will it succeed?

(Fwrd Axis) – Big Brother Australia continued on Tuesday night with the fallout from Joel’s eviction enacting revenge and Tim’s betrayal causing a stir.

The episode kicks off following Joel’s eviction. Alesha is still upset since she couldn’t save Joel despite being Head of House. This also doesn’t sit well with Johnson and he started “Operation Vengence” to avenge Joel’s eviction and wants to target Estelle in the next set of nominations.

As Party Week continues, Big Brother set the housemate a classic alarm challenge as they had to run to a random dance floor and dance before the alarm went silent. If they succeed, they add $20 to their shopping budget. 

With Joel gone, Alesha let Tim in on the deal that Joel and Drew made to get their showmances out of the game. However, she did not let him in that it was all fake on Joel’s part. Tim took this information and wants to use it to get Sam out of the house to get his best friend back ala 2013 when he did the same thing with Tully.

For the nominations challenge, the housemates had to build a track of dominos and roll balls down to put them into the basket at the end. The first housemate to sink two balls would win. This wasn’t easy but Taras would sink both balls before any other housemate got their first, earning the win and safety from nominations. 

Tim worked a plan to get Estelle off the radar and not the block. However, what Drew didn’t know is his plan involves getting Sam on the block and out the door. The OGs are obviously targeting Johnson while the newbies are targeting Estelle. However, if Tim has it his way, three newbies could go up again.

It was then time for the house nominations. One by one, the housemates went to the Diary Room and voted. However, before Aliesha voted, Big Brother told her as Head of the House, her vote will count three times and she voted for Estelle and Dave. After everyone voted, Big Brother revealed Estelle, Johnson, and Sam were up for eviction but have a chance to save themselves from eviction.

Big Brother Australia continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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