‘The Challenge: USA’ Recap: An Alliance Starts To Crack

Tyson’s move may come back to haunt him.

(Fwrd Axis) — The Challenge: USA continued on Wednesday night with a blindside leading to a crack in the Survivor alliance and one member of the group vowing revenge.

The episode picks up with host T.J. Lavin shuffling up the teams once again. Sarah is concerned with having Leo as a partner while Derek and Cayla are set to shake up the game by winning the next daily challenge. Meanwhile, Tyson is less than pleased about ending up being partnered with Love Island‘s Cashay.

The Challenge:

In the daily challenge “Barreled Treasure”, teams must jump into the water and swim 150 yards to buoys to swim and memorize a code, search for a barrel with their code, the puzzle pieces, swim back, and solve the puzzle. It sounded exhausting and it likely was.

Leo and Azah struggle from the jump, not being able to swim, leaving Sarah and Tyson to carry their respective partners. Derek and Cayla, along with Ben and Justine each get all their pieces and swam back to complete their puzzle. Cayla struggles as does Derek due to each one wanting to solve the puzzle their way.

This left a window open for Tyson and Cashay to catch up and complete the puzzle to win the challenge. Meanwhile, Cinco and Azah are sent straight into the Arena for finishing last.

The Deliberation:

Tyson and Cashay consider putting everyone up at risk since Azah and Cinco refuse to name any names on who they want to face for elimination.

Cayla is worried with a member of Survivor and Love Island in power, they may attack a member from one of the other shows. She decides to plant a seed that Tyson winning is bothering Ben, which is key since they both have a history on Survivor. This leaves Tyson wanting to target Ben but with him being partnered with Justine, Cashay isn’t going to allow it.

The Elimination:

Tyson and Cashay decided on…. Leo and Sarah?! In the elimination “A Dark Turn”, players are tied together and go into a dark shipping container to search for a stack of film reels. The reels are different sizes and the players must memorize them to correctly reconstruct one on the outside of the container.

Sarah and Leo come up with a smart strategy: Before going into the container, they find the different size reels first and feel them. Once they go in, they memorized it and began working to put it together. Meanwhile, Cinco and Azah go in blind and struggle from there.

In the end, a pumped-up Leo and Sarah win the challenge to avoid elimination. Sarah is furious and vows revenge on Tyson for putting her into elimination.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and streams on Paramount+

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