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‘The Challenge: USA’ Recap: Team ‘Big Brother’ Turns On One Of Their Own

A member of the ‘Big Brother’ alliance turns on one of their own.

(Fwrd Axis) — The Challenge: USA continued on Wednesday night with Team Big Brother winning power and turning on a member of their own alliance.

The episode kicks off following Tasha and James’ elimination. Host T.J. Lavin shuffles up the teams once again and after the dust settles, Alyssa tells Derek the best thing for Team BB (more like herself) is to get revenge on Xavier for burning her on their season of Big Brother.

The Challenge 

Everyone loves trivia (except maybe if you are on The Challenge) and that’s exactly what T.J. has in store this week. The pairs will be on a ledge 250 feet above the ground and they have to answer questions. After four rounds, Kyland and Alyssa would win the challenge while David and Justine are sent straight into elimination thanks to a question about the NHL.

The Deliberation

Kyland and Alyssa debated who to send into elimination to face off against David and Justine. Kyland seems perfectly fine putting up Xavier and Shan, especially since Alyssa seems down for it. During the conversation with the other challenge losers and Tyson is shocked that the Big Brother alliance is already turning on their own, making his work much easier.

The Elimination

Kyland and Alyssa decide to throw Xavier and Shan into elimination but decide to place the blame on Shan, saying that multiple people in the house told them to watch out for her. For the elimination, teams must break panes of glass in order to retrieve puzzle pieces and put them together.

Xavier gets out to a strong start but he breaks the panes of Shan, resulting in a 50-second time penalty. Meanwhile, David and Justine get a 10-minute penalty. That would be the thing that costs Xavier as David and Justine get the puzzle done in time as they win, sending Xavier and Shan home.

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The Challenge: USA airs Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS and Paramount+.

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