Three Injured After Unsanctioned Fireworks Set Off At Dua Lipa Concert In Toronto

Lipa is currently on her Future Nostalgia Tour.

TORONTO (Fwrd Axis) — Three people were injured at a Dua Lipa concert in Toronto after unauthorized fireworks were set off inside Scotiabank Arena.

The incident happened as the show was wrapping up with confetti raining down on the crowd. As Lipa was walking back to the stage, loud bangs could be heard in the crowd.

Police responded around 11:42 p.m. to reports that someone had thrown a firework at the end of Lipa’s show. Three fans suffered “very minor injuries” and were seen by medics working the concert.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) released a statement and confirmed all members of the public who enter the arena must pass through security and metal detectors.

“Last night, at the end of a concert event at Scotiabank Arena, unauthorized and illegal fireworks were set off on the arena floor by a member of the audience. As a result, three attendees received minor aid on-site and were able to go home without a need for further medical attention,” MLSE said in a statement.

“As one of the premier venues in North America, creating a safe and secure venue for every attendee at Scotiabank Arena is MLSE’s top priority and we immediately began working in cooperation with Toronto Police Services to fully investigate this reckless and dangerous act. As always, we thank Toronto Police Services, the on-site medical team, employees, and concert attendees for their swift support in responding to this incident.”

Video of the incident shows fireworks going off as the 26-year-old British singer asks the crowd to applaud her dancers.

Dua Lipa is currently on her Future Nostalgia Tour, which saw songs like “Levitating” and “Don’t Start Now” become hits. She released a statement on social media Thursday regarding the incident, saying she tries to create a safe space for her fans at her shows.

“Last night, unauthorized fireworks went off in the crowd during my set in Toronto,” she said. “Creating a safe space at my shows is always my first priority and I’m just as shocked and confused by the events as you all are. I’m so sorry for anyone who was scared, felt unsafe.”

Stephen Michael reported from the United States.

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