Apple Watch Series 8 To Feature Body Temperature Sensor

(Fwrd Axis) — Apple is reportedly set to bring a new feature to Apple Watch Series 8 but that new feature comes with a catch and some have already expressed displeasure.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple is working to add a body-temperature sensor to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. However, while the new feature will be available to most who have an Apple Watch, only some will be able to truly use it.

Gurman reports the body-temperature sensor will be used to alert women to help them with fertility planning.

The news had soured some Apple fans, who have criticized the move, saying Apple wants to promote Apple Watch as a medical-grade health device but its updates are promoting health wellness.

Sam Kohl, the founder of Apple Track, expressed his disappointment in the move.

“I have to be honest…this is one of the most disappointing rumors I’ve ever heard. I think helping women with fertility tracking is awesome! But if Apple will be using temperature data to do this…why not just share that with the user,” he said.

The news comes as Apple prepares to release its iPhone 14 later this year. While initial reports claimed the tech company had big plans for the phone, new reports say the exact opposite.

Recent releases show the design of the iPhone 14 will look similar to the iPhone 13. No redesign back to the iPhone 4 was expected and iOS 16 is expected to look the same as iOS 15, keeping the same iOS design that first made its debut back in 2013.

Gurman reports iOS 16 will feature “fairly significant enhancement across the board, including an update to notifications.” Meanwhile, 9to5 Mac reports Apple is planning big changes for Focus mode.

WWDC is scheduled for June when iOS 16 will make its debut for developers and beta versions of the software will be released.

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