‘Big Brother Australia’ Gets May 9 Premiere Date At Channel 7

(Fwrd Axis) — Big Brother Australia‘s highly anticipated season is returning on May 9 on Channel 7, the broadcaster announced Friday morning.

The new season of Big Brother Australia will see new housemates competing against some of the memorable housemates of the past, officially dubbed “Big Brother Royalty“. The returning housemates include Reggie Sorensen, Trevor Butler, and ‘Farmer’ Dave Graham from the Channel 10 era.

Meanwhile, Tim Dormer, Tully Smyth, Anthony Drew, Estelle Landy, and Layla Subritzky are returning from the series Channel 9 era.

“This may be a new game but I’m still the same old Reggie. Big Brother is in my blood. I just can’t believe I’m here,” Reggie said in a teaser promoting the series.

Winners Reggie Bird and Tim Dormer will re-enter the house to play Big Brother’s game once again in a season that has been dubbed “Back To The Future”. Bird won the series on Channel 10 in 2003 and Dormer was crowned winner back in 2013 on Channel Nine.

“It’s mainly new contestants with a scattering of some of the most iconic Big Brother housemates mixed in,” Brook Hall told TV Tonight. “There’s a clever way that they’re all brought in…. they enter with a different point of view to the rest of them. That’s all I can say on that one.”

“21 years ago, I invited the first-ever housemates into my game,” Big Brother says. “In 2022, Big Brother is going back to the future. Housemates of the past are re-entering my house and they will come face to face with 12 brand new housemates.”

The series, which was filmed late last year, is expected to feature some format changes. The first new housemate introduced was Josh, a 32-year-old former international model from Byron Bay and admits he has no idea how to play the game.

“We are here to win a game,” he tells his housemates in the promo. “You wanna keep playing a happy family? We are not here to make best friends temporarily. I’ll put a target on your backs too.”

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